One of Its kind Fraud Investigations Trainings

The USP of all our trainings is the one of its kind, step by step guidance on all sorts of Cyber and Fraud Investigations. The training module includes – Investigations analyses, Planning, Investigation process, Interview and Report Writing. the members get online support by way of free case scenarios discussion and discussion within the community, once you become a registered member. AFI is also developing an Investigations App, which would help the members crack the most complex Investigative Challenges on the go.

Training Expertise

The AFI trainers are experts in Cyber and Fraud Investigations, understand the challenges faced by the Investigators and provide support accordingly. The Cyber and Fraud trainings are divided by the category and each training is backed by numerous scenario exercises, providing practical experience to the investigators. The trainings are available, both, online and through Training Workshops. The team has been providing Economic Fraud Investigations trainings to Indian Law Enforcement since 2004. The essential elements of our training are:

Not just PowerPoint

Our training include a very heavy emphasis on hands-on practice and continuous support. Every subject is covered with a hands-on exercise.


The focus is more on completing the investigations in minimum possible time, using online tools and information, to cut down on investigation timelines.

in Detail

Each Scenario is explained in detail, using the right terminology and thereafter, step by step investigations process is shared.

Strong grasp of
technical fundamentals

Our trainers have tremendous grasp of the technical details of regulations and the investigation training is designed according to the same. We keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments.

Legal and
Regulatory Requirements

The team is well versed with Legal and Regulatory requirements and the trainings are designed to fulfill all such obligations.

Improving Methodology

Continuously improving methodology executed by a team of experienced trainers

Extensive Investigation Experience

We have provided the profiles of the consultants who will be engaged in this assignment. They are highly certified as well as experienced in Fraud & Cyber Investigations and Trainings at both, Law enforcement and Corporate levels. Some of the pertinent certifications are:

  • Emerging Leaders Program - classroom sessions by Columbia Business School
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Diploma in Cyber Law
  • Certificate Trainer’s course on Information Technology Crime Investigation for Asia & South Pacific Region by EuroPol (INTERPOL)
  • Course on Cyber Crime Investigation by CBI Academy
  • Detecting Forged and Counterfeit Cards and Currency by FBI
  • Departmental Enquiries by CBI Academy
  • Vigilance Officers by CBI Academy
  • Special Program by Reserve Bank of India on Banking Investigations, Bankers Training College, Mumbai
  • Bank Fraud Investigations by CBI Academy
  • Forensic Examination of Documents by GEQD, Hyderabad
  • Crime Intelligence Course
  • Investigation of Economic Offences by CBI Academy
  • Investigation of Cases of Homicide and Bodily Offences by CBI Academy
  • Personal Security Course (Commando)
  • Basic Police Training on Security, Indian Law and Threat Management

Subject Matter Expertise

Our trainers are subject matter experts and possess practical knowledge of Frauds and Cyber security issues faced by different organizations. Our trainers have worked on all platforms.