Investigative Support

Over the years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of financial frauds as well as changes in the way fraud is committed. It has always been a challenge within the Corporates to investigate Internal and External Frauds committed on them and also to identify the right kind of Investigators. Understanding complex financial transactions and thereafter investigating them has always been a challenge for the investigators, who are trained to investigate convectional crime.

AFI also offers online and onsite Fraud Investigations support at very competitive rates, to Banks and Corporates through its well trained team, strictly adhering to the International Data Privacy and Security Guidelines. This helps the organizations identify:

  • The culprit or System lacunae,
  • Criminals within the organization,
  • The reason for loss & to plug the gaps,
  • whether their Client is a Willful Defaulter – this enables recovery through Lawful means and concludes, if the case is to be treated as ‘Civil’ or ‘Criminal’.