Investigative Report Writing

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About Course

This is a short course, limiting to the product knowledge, i.e., drafting and finalizing affective investigative report only.

Investigative Report Writing is the most important part of the investigation. An investigation is as good as its report, as this is how an investigator reflects their work. Investigative report reflects on the investigator and their investigation, so it should be made sure it is, as clear, comprehensive, accurate and polished, as possible.


    1. General Principals and Best Practices
    2. Structure of Reports
      • Title page
      • Executive summary
      • Main report
      • Summary of allegations
      • Details of investigation
      • Document the evidence
      • Document the interview
      • Assess credibility
      • Investigation limitations
      • Conclusion
      • Recommendation
    3. Review of report
    4. Report Circulation
    5. Sample investigation report


While we recommend you, going through the topic diligently, as this would be the only chance you would get to study, you can take the exam any time after one week. There would be a single examination of 20 questions for 20 marks. Please remember, that you can appear for the exams, any number of times within the stipulated period.

However, once the exam is submitted, you won’t be able to revise/review the questions. Time allowed for Examination is 45 minutes. At least 50% marks are required to earn Certification.

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Course Content

Report Writing Course
General Principals & Best Practices, Structure of Report: Title Page, Executive Summary, Main Report, Summary of Allegations, Details of Investigative steps, Document the Evidence, Interviews, Limitations, Conclusion, Recommendations Review of Report, Report Circulation.

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