Collection Of Evidence – Corporate Fraud

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This is a short course, limiting to the product knowledge for types of frauds in this category and how to investigate the same. This course would guide the participants on each type of frauds as on date and would be a step-by-step guide for each investigation.

Frauds within Corporates are increasing by the day. The allegations may either be received directly or through the Whistle blow channel. The investigation for both would be the same but getting clarity on anonymous whistle blow allegations is often a challenge for the investigators. Allegations being anonymous and vague, there has to be a way to get some clarity on the allegations, otherwise either the investigation would be an enormous, never ending one or would be considered incomplete. The concerned organization could be exposed to regulatory or legal scrutiny, in case of an incomplete investigation. To overcome this challenge, there are certain suggestions in this chapter, which have been found useful by the seasoned investigators. We will begin this chapter with those suggestions, then continue the learning with each type of case.


  1. Complaints through Whistle blow mechanism – overcoming the challenge.
  • Favoritism
  • Misbehavior
  • Forceful contribution towards some celebration/party
  1. Procurement fraud,
  2. Cheque/ Demand Draft,
  3. Insider Trading,
  4. Salami Frauds
  5. Asset Misappropriation
  6. Confidential information sharing


While we recommend you, going through the topic diligently, as this would be the only chance you would get to study, you can take the exam any time after one week. There would be a single examination of 20 questions for 20 marks. Please remember, that you can appear for the exams, any number of times within the stipulated period.

However, once the exam is submitted, you won’t be able to revise/review the questions. Time allowed for Examination is 60 minutes. At least 50% marks are required to earn Certification.

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Collection of Evidence – Corporate Fraud
This Course would guide the participants on each type of Corporate fraud as on date and this would be a step-by-step guide for each investigation

  • Collection of Evidence – Corporate Fraud
  • COE – Corporate Frauds

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