Certified Cards Fraud Investigator

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About Course

This Course is helpful for the Fraud Risk Management team within Banks and also for Law Enforcement, who investigate Credit-Debit Card Frauds.

There are four topics in this training:

  1. Analyses, Planning and Registration – This will guide you regarding pre investigation work,
  2. Interview – Interview Techniques, how to get best of evidence through an interview,
  3. Report writing guidance, what construed a good investigation report and reporting format.
  4. Investigation – The actual collection of evidence, what should be collected and how.

The Investigation portion would cover, collection of evidence in Frauds related to:

  1.  Credit Debit cards
    a. Application Frauds
    b. Never Received Cards
    c. Lost / Stolen Cards
    d. Counterfeit / Skimming
  2. Online Frauds, Phishing, Vishing, Smishing Frauds, Synthetic ID Frauds
  3. Bust-out Frauds
  4. Cheque / Payment instruments Frauds

RBI guidelines relating to these frauds and also Legal and regulatory requirements are additionally provided in the course.



While we recommend you, going through the topic diligently, as this would be the only chance you would get to study, you can take the exam any time after one week. There would be a single examination of 60 questions for 60 marks. Please remember, that you can appear for the exams, any number of times within the stipulated period.

However, once the exam is submitted, you won’t be able to revise/review the questions. Time allowed for Examination is 120 minutes. At least 50% marks are required to earn Certification.

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Course Content

Analysis, Planning and Registration
Over the years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of financial frauds as well as changes in the way fraud is committed. Understanding complex financial transactions and thereafter investigating them has always been a challenge for the investigators.

  • Analysis, Planning and Registration

Interviews are also essential for supporting the natural course of justice. It is utmost important to provide a chance to the suspect, to explain their side of the story.

Collection of Evidence – Cards and Retail
As fraud continues to evolve and affect organizations, it becomes important for fraud-fighting professionals to understand various processes and nuances of investigation, which would help them investigating any event.

Report Writing
Let’s admit, writing an investigative report is the most tedious task of an investigation. While the investigation is fun, as you are unearthing facts, which a naked eye could not see, reducing the investigation findings, in form of a report becomes tedious

Certified Card Fraud Investigator – Quiz
An Exam to sum up the course

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