Law Enforcement Agencies

As an LEA official, no matter what the nature of the crime you are investigating, a bank fraud or cybercrime angle tends to come in almost always. Be it fraudulent transfer of money, call log analysis, data imaging and analysis or plain old email header tracing. These courses will help fill in the missing gaps in your arsenal.

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Corporate Investigations and Vigilance

These courses are essential for the Vigilance department within the banks and staff within corporates dealing with banks, Finance and Purchases. The trainings highlight the red flags, these teams should be alert of and provide solutions to deal with, in case they fell victim. The trainings also highlight the regulatory requirement of reporting the frauds within banks, which is helpful to the Vigilance staff, population of which is constantly floating due to RBI Guidelines.

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Investigations Accreditation

The training course offers accreditation during the practical training, wherein the scenarios are shared with the trainees, who then, under supervision, work on:


Each Training comes with a certification and the trainee is certified and accredited to be a Fraud Investigator. The certificate is most helpful to the individuals who are pursuing or wish to pursue a career as a Fraud or Cyber investigator.